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Google and Me

I think Google is one of the best things that ever happened to mankind. I use Google places SEO for my business. I am also an avid reader of articles from famous and successful people so I just go to Google and type in the name of my 'inspiring' person of the day and read whatever is available about that person. Because of Google places SEO services, I am able to maximize the potential capability of my website. I also use Google Images to download some images that I can use for my website. Of course, I do not forget to ask permission or cite the website where the picture was from.

Google Places, for me, is the ultimate guide for people who love to know about new places. This is where I learn about new hotspots in the metro, new restaurants to try and visit. Google is really helpful to me and I cannot imagine life without Google. It is also with Google that my business revenue increased. Through search engine optimization, my business website appears at the top page of Google's search results and more customers get to know about my business. When more people know about my business, there's a bigger chance that they will avail the services that I offer. Google is truly a big help in my business and I am sure it is a big help to other businesses as well. There are also other Google features that can help businesses become well-known and established.






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